Post 3 — I am finally ready to be independent

After quarantining in my house for 6 months, I think I am finally ready to move out of my house. Before quarantine, I looked foward to going to my house in Miami and seeing my parents. The first two years of college I actually got home sick pretty often. However, I think spending so much time in my house with my parents and brother after living alone has made me appreciate and love the independence I had when I was away.

Because my internship is in Miami for the summer, I moved back by home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and my city, but I finally think I am ready and have gotten to the phase in my life to move out and be truly independent. I love having my own agenda and not being forced to tell my parents what I am doing or where I am going evrytime I go out . I know this post seems like make me venting about being home; however, it’s more of a realization I have come to throughout my years in college. I am no longer feeling homesick like I once was, and I think I am finally ready to start a life of my own, which I know I owe all to my family and parents. I realize they have allowed me to come to this point in my life and be successful; however, I want to explore and adventure around, living life on my own agenda for a little.

Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash


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